Sex and the City tells about Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda who are living in Manhattan, 4 years after the TV series ended.

Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Big (Chris Noth), plans on living together and buy an apartment but Carrie hesitates on the thought whose will get the place in case they have to split up. It is because she attended an auction, held by a woman who needed to sell her stuffs because she broke up with her boyfriend and had to move out because they didn’t get a proper marriage. Big suggested that they get married.

Meanwhile, Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) is having a problem at work. Samantha (Kim Cattrall) is leading a good career at televisions, just moved out to LA with Smith (Jason Lewis). Charlotte (Kristin Davis) on the other hand is having a quiet and normal life with Harry (Evan Handler), and Lily, their adopted-Chinese child.